Tips and Advice

Peace of Mind

There is a huge amount of pressure to ensure everything runs smoothly on any group weekend away, especially if it happens to be a Stag or Hen weekend! Using an experienced event organiser such as our team at Bespoke Weekends, reduces stress and gives you the peace of mind that your weekend plans are in safe hands.

Local Knowledge

Most agents/operators claim to know everything about every city!  Make sure you choose a company where they have a representative living and working in your chosen destination. You can benefit from their local knowledge ensuring your weekend will be logistically sound and well organised from start to finish.  

Be Organised & Book Early 

Plan ahead and be prepared to book early especially if you are in charge of organising an event for a large number of people. Don’t wait too long for people to confirm. Include them in your list and book initially for your maximum numbers. These numbers can be amended if necessary up until your balance payment is required.

Big groups can sometimes be an issue for hotels and activity venues to accommodate therefore; booking early ensures you get the exact dates you need as well as the activities you want to include. Getting everything in place a few months in advance is a much safer option! The other benefits of booking early are that it gives your group members the chance to request the time off work and ensure they don’t double book and make plans for the weekend dates you have chosen.

Be Decisive

There are a huge number of activities to choose from and it can be impossible to choose something that is going to please every single member of the group.  You need to be prepared to make a decision where you feel the majority of the group will be happy and stick with it.


Decide and agree on a budget that everyone can manage. This gets people to commit and helps you with your final numbers. Setting up a bank account for everyone to transfer funds into is a good way of controlling the financial side of things and ideally means you don’t have to chase people for money which can be awkward especially if you don’t know some of the group members that well.


It always comes down to the money when you are getting people to commit to a weekend away. Take a deposit from each person which you can easily deduct from their final amount. Those that aren’t prepared to commit and part with some cash may be the ones who cause you stress on the lead up to your weekend.  

Themes/Fancy dress

Are you planning a theme for your weekend? This is an important point as some venues can be very strict on dress code. Make sure the venues that are recommended to you allow ‘fancy dress’.

Payment Option

At Bespoke Weekends we offer an alternative that takes the payment pressure off you. Each group member can make individual payments via your personal group payment page and you (group leader) will be able to access this at any time to see who has made their payments. This may involve some ‘chasing’ on your part if someone is slow to pay however; most people tend to pay on time if the onus is on them to do so directly.

Travel Insurance

Whilst personal holiday/travel insurance is taken out at your discretion, we would always recommend that each individual takes out the relevant insurances to cover you against cancellation, damage or loss of belongings and personal injuries. 

Spending Money

You may want to think about organising a spending money kitty to avoid any confusion over who paid for what throughout the weekend.

Choose Bespoke Weekends

Bespoke Weekends will offer you and your group, large or small, the personal touch that will make your special Edinburgh Stag weekend or Hen weekend a tailor made event. We take pride in arranging unique, memorable and cost effective activity weekends and events in Edinburgh. 

Working with exclusive suppliers and securing fabulous rates means Bespoke Weekends packages stand out in originality as well as price giving you complete peace of mind. Get in touch for a chat about planning the perfect weekend!