What should the mother-of-the bride wear?

what should the mother of the bride wear


So, it’s your daughter’s big day. THE dress has been found and the bridesmaids are all kitted out...now that just leaves the all-important mother-of-the bride outfit! If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all of the options, then here are our top tips…

Check with the bride

This is an important one. She’ll likely have an idea of what she would prefer and some colour palettes not to go for. Obviously, it should go without saying that white is out of the question, but she may try to get you to compliment the bridesmaids or the general colour palette of the wedding.

The outfit

First things first, the mother-of-the-bride should always be classy - and let all of the attention be on the bride. Given that your duties will likely involve a lot of help for your daughter, bending down to sort the train, adjusting the veil etc, the length of the dress should be around the knee...just to be safe!

The other thing to bear in mind is accessories; if you have any special family heirlooms you’d like to wear or some particular jewellery then try to make sure they match the dress. Also, if you choose something with a loud print, it’s best to dial back on the accessories.

Hat or fascinator

It really depends on preference, the shape of your face and of course, your hair. So,it’s best to try on a few options to see what suits you. If you’re planning to wear a hat then your hair will need to be short or styled at the back/side of your head as your hat will flatten it. Similarly, if you plan to wear a fascinator, let your hairdresser know so that she can help you choose a style that will accomodate it.

Most of all - make sure you’re comfortable! It’s a special day and the last thing you want is to be fidgeting with your dress or in uncomfortable shoes - get it all tried on and fitted beforehand so that you can enjoy the day.

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