How not to blow the bank when you attend a wedding


When you see the ‘We’re Engaged!’ status on Facebook complete with happy faces and a sparkly engagement ring the happiness you feel can sometimes be accompanied by a little anxiety due to affording the cost of another wedding…


With the average wedding coming in around £225 and some guests even spending over the £500 mark for those attending from out of town, it’s clear that nuptials aren’t a pocket-friendly affair for anyone involved.

Here are our tips for making attending a wedding as cost-effective as possible:

Book accomodation ASAP

You’ll get the best deals on accomodation if you book as early as possible - so as soon as you have the dates, get your rooms booked so that you get the best possible rates.

Plus, don’t just consider the wedding venue as this usually isn’t the cheapest place to stay, look at other nearby hotels before you book.

Rope in the grandparents

Instead of paying for a babysitter (if it’s a non-child wedding or if you just fancy a weekend with your partner!) and having to rush back, call on the grandparents to babysit and spend some quality time...which in turn saves you some spending money!

Get a group gift

Partner up with a few other people to get a group gift - this often works out best for both parties,. The couple get something they could really use rather than several smaller gifts and it’s often more cost effective.

Recycle an outfit

We know that you definitely don’t have NOTHING to wear. So rummage in your closet and we will sure you’ll find a party dress that you haven’t worn in front of this crowd before. OR, send out an SOS to your friends who we are sure can provide plenty of pre-loved outfit options for you.

Need some more money-saving ideas? Talk to us about planning your hen or stag do which saves time, money AND stress.

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