How to choose your wedding dress


It's no mean feat - THE dress is a huge part of your big day. Whether your dress is a masterpiece you've dreamed about since you were a little girl or you just want to find the perfect simple dress, follow our tips to help you find the perfect dress for your wedding day.



Everyone is different and has different preferences, so when you find yourself bamboozled by lace, satin, chiffon, sweetheart necklines and cathedral veils - fear not! There are lots of different options available to suit different tastes, so while it may seem overwhelming at first, it just means that there will be a dress out there which will tick all of your boxes.

First things first - the venue

Consider where you've chosen as your wedding venue. If you're jetting off for a beach wedding in Thailand, then a big, heavy (and difficult to transport!) wedding dress probably isn't the best option. You might want to tie in your dress with a particular theme, for example, if you're having a traditional wedding you may want to go for a more classic dress to be inkeeping with the theme. Or, if it's a big, fancy affair then you may want to pile on the bling so you're not outdone by the venue!

The time of year

Especially if you're getting married in the UK, the time of year is likely to have some influence on what kind of dress you chose. Granted, you may not spend much time outdoors (unless you're being brave and having an outdoor wedding!) but you don't want to be blue and shivering in any of your wedding photos. Consider the seasons and tweak where necessary - you might not want to change the dress at all but instead opt for one which can accommodate a cover up for your shoulders should it turn chilly.

Your favourite designers

It's always a good idea to look up specific designers, then you can figure out which styles you like and pinpoint bridal shops nearby which stock them. With every collection, designers tend to go with a specific 'look' so if you see a few that you like then you're more likely to find 'the one' by trying on various styles within the collection.

Book appointments

Speaking of bridal shops - make sure you book your bridal appointments well in advance, especially if you think you're going to want to try on lots of different dresses. The average recommended time to buy your dress is 6-9 months before your wedding, to allow plenty of time for it to be made and for alterations. If you're heading off to Edinburgh on your hen weekend, then why not book some appointments while everyone is together? Edinburgh is home to some of the best wedding dress shops - if you need any recommendations, just ask!

If in doubt...Pinterest!

Pinterest, a place we could get lost in for hours. But also hosts a huge array of wedding dress inspo - and you can search using some words that you think describes the style you're looking for.

If it seems like you've got lots of decisions to make in the run up to your wedding - the let us take care of one of them, the hen weekend! Find out how we can help save time, money and stress - let's start with an informal chat via phone or email.

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