How to choose your wedding cake

The cake is a huge part of the day - and not just because it's super yummy. The cutting of the cake is a symbolic moment during your big day, all your guests gather around and lots of photos are taken. Having some cake-related stress? There's a lot to think about...flavours, tiers, decoration...check out our top tips for choosing your wedding cake. To make it even easier - we've got a simple format to follow: who, what, where, when?



If you're having a small, intimate wedding with thirty guests, then the majority of a six tier wedding cake will go to waste. Similarly if you're going all out with the guest list then you need to do the same for the cake to make sure there's enough to go round. Once you've chosen your baker (always worth asking the venue which nearby suppliers they'd recommend) they should be able to help you estimate which size you need. But size is a good thing to nail down before you think about decoration/style.


On to the what. What sort of theme are you having for your wedding - this includes any colours or details that you’ve already planned. Head over to somewhere like Pinterest or to your supplier’s portfolio to get some inspiration and don’t forget to do lots of tastes tests (the best bit!) with your partner to narrow down what flavour or flavours you want to go for.


Where is the wedding going to be? If it’s on a boat then maybe something that’s really intricate/unstable isn’t the best idea...same goes for an outdoor wedding! Plus you also need to match up the where with the cake supplier - no matter how much you love someone’s work, an eight hour transit time is not only going to be pricey, but the cake won’t be looking its best by the time the wedding happens.


In the UK this may be slightly less of a problem - but we have been known to have a few Indian summers! If you’re getting married in the height of summer, particularly if there are lots of windows and therefore sunlight streaming in, then a buttercream icing isn’t going to last very long. Consider the time of year, the logistics of the room and consult your baker as to what will be the best option.

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